Sunday, May 17, 2009

Internet Pharmacy Logo

All retail pharmacies in Great Britain, including those providing internet services, must be registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

While a number of legitimate registered pharmacies provide online pharmacy services, there are also a number of suppliers operating from websites offering to sell medicines who have no professional qualifications or healthcare expertise. Buying medicines from websites that are not connected to registered pharmacies can present a number of risks.

There is no opportunity for an appropriately qualified health professional to assess whether the medicine is safe and appropriate for you to use or advise on how the medication should be taken. In addition, the safety and quality of medicines sold by unqualified internet suppliers cannot be guaranteed.

The Society is introducing a new logo which will be seen on the front page of participating online pharmacy sites. It is hoped that this will help people identify whether a website offering to sell medicines or provide other pharmacy services is connected to a registered pharmacy. By clicking on the logo visitors are linked to a page on this website where they can make checks to ensure the site is a registered pharmacy.

Where can I find websites displaying the logo?

Websites displaying the internet pharmacy logo can be found using the Search our registers page of this website, which you can also access from the search box at the top right of all pages on this website. For a regularly updated list of websites that have been provided with the internet pharmacy logo, click on the link below:


Premises ID: 1091383
Owner: Nationwide Healthcare Connections Ltd
Trade Name: Nationwide Healthcare Connections Ltd

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