Monday, May 4, 2009

Universal Genetic Code / H1N1 Genetic code

RNA codon table

nonpolar polar basic acidic (stop codon)
The table (source: wiki) shows the 64 codons and the amino acid for each. The direction of the mRNA is 5' to 3'.

2nd base
U UUU (Phe/F) Phenylalanine

UUC (Phe/F) Phenylalanine

UCU (Ser/S) Serine

UCC (Ser/S) Serine

UAU (Tyr/Y) Tyrosine

UAC (Tyr/Y) Tyrosine

UGU (Cys/C) Cysteine

UGC (Cys/C) Cysteine

UUA (Leu/L) Leucine UCA (Ser/S) Serine UAA Ochre (Stop) UGA Opal (Stop)
UUG (Leu/L) Leucine UCG (Ser/S) Serine UAG Amber (Stop) UGG (Trp/W) Tryptophan
C CUU (Leu/L) Leucine

CUC (Leu/L) Leucine

CCU (Pro/P) Proline

CCC (Pro/P) Proline

CAU (His/H) Histidine

CAC (His/H) Histidine

CGU (Arg/R) Arginine

CGC (Arg/R) Arginine

CUA (Leu/L) Leucine

CUG (Leu/L) Leucine

CCA (Pro/P) Proline

CCG (Pro/P) Proline

CAA (Gln/Q) Glutamine

CAG (Gln/Q) Glutamine

CGA (Arg/R) Arginine

CGG (Arg/R) Arginine

A AUU (Ile/I) Isoleucine

AUC (Ile/I) Isoleucine

ACU (Thr/T) Threonine

ACC (Thr/T) Threonine

AAU (Asn/N) Asparagine

AAC (Asn/N) Asparagine

AGU (Ser/S) Serine

AGC (Ser/S) Serine

AUA (Ile/I) Isoleucine ACA (Thr/T) Threonine AAA (Lys/K) Lysine AGA (Arg/R) Arginine
AUG (Met/M) Methionine, Start [A]
ACG (Thr/T) Threonine AAG (Lys/K) Lysine AGG (Arg/R) Arginine
G GUU (Val/V) Valine

GUC (Val/V) Valine

GCU (Ala/A) Alanine

GCC (Ala/A) Alanine

GAU (Asp/D) Aspartic acid

GAC (Asp/D) Aspartic acid

GGU (Gly/G) Glycine

GGC (Gly/G) Glycine

GUA (Val/V) Valine

GUG (Val/V) Valine

GCA (Ala/A) Alanine

GCG (Ala/A) Alanine

GAA (Glu/E) Glutamic acid

GAG (Glu/E) Glutamic acid

GGA (Gly/G) Glycine

GGG (Gly/G) Glycine

A The codon AUG both codes for methionine and serves as an initiation site: the first AUG in an mRNA's coding region is where translation into protein begins.

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